Tiny Cabin Rental Company Getaway Opens Austin, Texas Outpost

The NY-based startup further expands its micro cabin rental empire with a second installment in the Lone Star State

Tiny Cabin Rental Company Getaway Opens Austin, Texas Outpost


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Now more than ever the idea of retreating to a cabin in the woods, without wifi, email, or access to the 24/7 news loop, sure seems like a tempting response to these uncertain times. For those without the means to build a permanent cabin of their own—whether DIY or architect designed—there’s Getaway, the micro cabin rental company based in NYC now boasting upwards of 300 cabins at 10 locations nationwide.

The newest Outpost (a cluster of tiny cabins rented out by the night) lands just an hour outside Austin, Texas.


Aimed at overworked, stressed out city folk (aka this very writer and everyone he knows), the modest but modern tiny cabins encourage guests to slow down, store their phones in a provided lockbox, and simply exist among nature for a certain period of time.

Locations are currently clustered around cities like Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh/Cleveland, Washington DC,Portland, ORE, and now Austin.


Cabins come complete with a functioning kitchen, bathroom, and bed—limited living space nudges guests outside—with tables, seating, and a fire pit outside. Getaway’s Journal offers suggested hikes nearby each Outpost too.

Getaway Hill Country, located within a quick drive of both Austin and San Antonio, is the 10th Outpost location and second in Texas, behind Dallas. Getaway Hill Country is now officially open, as of summer 2020, with one and two bed cabins to choose from.


With a recent infusion of an additional $22.5 M in funding, Getaway hopes to open an additional 10 Outposts by end of year, including more in the South. (It seems likely the unforeseen impact of coronavirus will impact these projections. We will update this article as more information becomes available.)


Micro cabins for stressed city people at affordable prices. What’s not to love?


Published 03-17-2020