Developing one's own style is an important part of life. Though for many, this starts and ends in the closet. In reality, learning to appreciate furniture and lighting design is a key to becoming a respectable adult, and offers many more interesting ways to spend your paycheck. No one over the age of 25 should have a home full of Ikea furniture. Even the illest wardrobe isn't going to make that cutie you just started hanging out with overlook a glaring lack of taste when it comes to home decor.

Anyways, one of our favorite lighting brands is Barcelona-based Marset. Every so often they team up with emerging and established industrial designers to create unique lighting solutions for the home, and outdoors at times too. FollowMe is a wonderful example of portable lighting design that's both playful and sophisticated at once. Made with an oak handle and white polycarbonate shade, the rechargeable and dimmable LED lamp is as at home inside four walls as it is a tent as a camping lantern.