Though founded in 2013, we'll admit Edgevale is new to us. And we welcome the introduction. The California-based brand seems to hold close a similar approach to the outdoors as TF, mainly by understanding that being outdoors everyday is easier than you think—beers on the back deck, a walk in the local park, or bike ride around town all count. Backstories aside, we were most drawn in by a few key pieces of Edgevale's modest but growing line of California-made men's apparel and unisex accessories. Namely the Campfire Pant, and a few others.

The Campfire Pant is exactly what it sounds like, a comfy pair of pants to toss on when fireside (though it's worth mentioning we're pretty sure fleece is super flammable, so don't get too close and keep an eye on flying embers). Elastic cuffs and waste make for an easy fit, while a reinforced nylon rear pocket keeps your essentials close at hand.

Other items of note—that also happen to be made of Edgevale's favorite material, microfleece—include the Polartec Fleece Hat and Bonded Fleece Shirt Jacket. You've heard us go on and go before about how important a solid shirt jacket is, so we'll keep it to this: A SHIRT JACKET IS IMPORTANT. The Hat is just nice and casual without being overly outdoorsy, in a Fairends sort of way. We also dig the Keep On Ramblin' patch. Throw it on your backpack, maybe?

Though the collection isn't the most inventive, or really all that unique at the moment, we're excited by the brand's direction and look forward to seeing what else is to come. Read more about the brand and see how much each aforementioned piece will run you directly from Edgevale.