There’s an unwritten rule here at TF HQ that we don’t write about watches. Why? Because most of what circulates as “newsworthy” in the world of watches is boring, rich guy BS thats totally unattainable and irrelevant to regular guys and gals. We don’t care about vintage Submariners that cost more than a car—we’ll leave that coverage to the hoards of thirsty “men’s lifestyle” sites out there.

That said, we’ve decided to break the rule just this once, as this perfectly understated Carhartt WIP x Timex collaboration is just too well done to pass up.

Modeled after Timex’s iconic outdoorsy Acadia watch, the limited edition iteration gets the WIP touch, coming complete with two custom-labelled NATO-style straps (in army green and black) and upgraded features like night glow and a nice new arrowhead second hand. Small details to be sure, but sometimes that’s what the best collaborations are all about.