A while back a few friends in Portland, Oregon got together and formed Cafe Nyleta, an independent brand making miscellaneous goods centered around the theme of cafe culture. From cinder block styled incense burners and classic diner style mugs to apparel donning designs inspired by iconic Japanese coffee paraphanelia (shout out Kalita), the aesthetic is on point, and products of the highest quality. And no, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the outdoors, but guess what, this is our publication not yours and we love coffee culture so just go with it :)

The latest release includes two new weather resistant pieces—a nylon cap and market tote. Both are made in the USA with materials sourced from Japan. A DWR coating makes each a solid option for four season wear/carry.

Other stand out products include the recently introduced Cone Burner incense stand and corresponding Sensory Cones—natural incense cones produced in collaboration with Portland-based OLO Fragrance. Burn a couple cones near recently unpacked camp gear and cleanse your kit of bad smells with good smells.