10 Outdoorsy Incense Blends for Reconnecting with Nature at Home

With at least a few more weeks of indoor living ahead, these calming Earthy scents may help relieve any pent-up quarantine vibes

10 Outdoorsy Incense Blends for Reconnecting with Nature at Home


Geoff Nudelman

Geoff is a lifestyle journalist and copywriter chasing after great stories from his home base of Portland, OR.

While it’s near impossible to really replace the many scents of the great outdoors, natural incense is a great way to bring an Earthy sense of calm into your home and channel adventures past (scent is a powerful memory trigger, of course). 

Each of these 10 incenses draw inspiration from a particular environment, and picking just the right one can make your home and home office smell a bit more like a forest, desert, or the mountains—and a little less like last night’s dinner.



Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Campfire

Vibe: Pacific Northwest Rainforest

Patron saint of the PNW, the Douglas fir is an evergreen synonymous with old growth forests of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. This wild harvested incense stick from notable outdoors its Juniper Ridge offers a slow, gradual burn to bring you right in the heart of Olympic National Park. 
Price: $12 SHOP NOW

Satta Californian White Sage

Vibe: Ojai Day Trip 

Sage sticks aren’t just for free spirits. This particular blend comes from the coastal mountains of California and is certainly a cleansing brush ideal for detoxifying that stale, stay-at-home air and energy.
Price: $13 SHOP NOW



Norden Mexican Copal

Vibe: Shifting Sand Dunes

Copal is a natural resin that has an inherent woodsy, Earthy aroma. Norden Goods’ incense stick version is hand-rolled in Mexico and looks about as good as it smells.
Price: $25 SHOP NOW

Oribe Cote d’Azur

Vibe: French Riviera Sun

Oribe has its roots in beauty products, but this Japanese incense is meant to transport and relax in a way that appeals to a wider audience. A quick burn will infuse your workspace with sandalwood, bergamot, and generally good vibes. 
Price: $65 SHOP NOW



Blackbird Targa Incense Pyres

Vibe: Frozen Tundra 

From longstanding Seattle purveyor Blackbird, this self-described “experiment in design and scent” gently blends a relaxing mix of myrrh, black pepper, sandalwood, Frankincense, and more for a scent reminiscent of a mid-winter landscape.
Price: $34 SHOP NOW

Hinoki no Kaori Sanrin

Vibe: Subtlety 

This Japanese incense makes the most of a native cypress tree to awash your space in soft, foresty goodness. It’s also a great value proposition with 200 sticks per box and ships direct from an independent mom & pop shop in San Francisco’s Japantown.
Price: $15 SHOP NOW



Paine’s Red Cedar

Vibe: Winter in a New England Cabin 

Paine’s is a classic American company making incense cones and a variety of other trinkets in south Maine. This one is simple: the cones are made from dried cedar branches, which emits a pleasant woodsy scent that’s perfectly approachable—and perfect for changing the vibe of your quarantine home base. 
Price: $14 SHOP NOW

Breu Resin Incense Blends

Vibe: Tropical rainforest

This specific incense (with four variations) comes from a resin from the Almacega tree of the Amazon Rainforest—sustainably harvested of course. Steeped in a tradition of inviting good energy, this is the incense to help bring positive vibes back into your space when stir craziness hits overdrive. 
Price: $19 SHOP NOW



Province Apothecary Lavender Essential Oil 

Vibe: Summertime and the livin’s easy 

Province Apothecary makes great oils and other skincare products and this charcoal incense takes advantage of a lavender oil infusion. Next time you need the calm and serenity of a warm summer day at home, light one of these.
Price: $16 SHOP NOW

Sandoval Sacred Aromatic

Vibe: Yoga Retreat 

Beyond being almost agonizingly trendy, this incense powder hits home for those into meditation and developing their own “personal sanctuary.” Each jar even includes an amethyst crystal to further cleanse your space of negative energy. 
Price: $45 SHOP NOW

Published 04-23-2020