Whether it’s the weather, the cultural climate, or just a nagging childhood dream of escaping the city to live off the land, for one reason or another A-frames have been on our mind of late. So, to indulge both ourselves and (hopefully) entertain you too, we’ve done some digging and found one damn attractive A-frame that’s actually available for rent, year round.

Located near the amazingly named town of Wagga Wagga, some four hours drive from Sydney, this clever A-frame iteration is a perfect contemporary example of the architectural classic.

Overlooking a working farm with 360 degree views of the surrounding Kimo Valley, the modest off-grid home features just the bare necessities—a single bed, kitchenette, and minimalist bathroom.

For roughly $250 USD a night, you too can call this home. Though be forewarned, off-grid means no internet, so you’ll have to save your IGs for when you get home. Luckily, there’s no shortage of nature there to distract you from your phone, and all the modern stressors it represents.