Calling a sandal adventure footwear is pretty hilarious. I mean, if you're at risk of stubbing a toe, you're probably not actually adventuring. But hey, sometimes a trip to the corner store can be an adventure, and the Hurricane XLT boasts a beefy enough sole to tackle most mellow dirt or gravel trails and surely any sidewalk, so we'll overlook it. Either way, the recent collab between Japanese fashion house Beams and Teva can do no wrong.

Most collaborations simply slap a new colorway on an existing silhouette, and really, that’s more or less what they did here too, but at least they had a little fun with the coloring—the two distinct models feature mismatched, non-mirroring strap colors and footbeds, a la Vans x Engineered Garments. The sandals are also unisex, which is nice.

With socks or without, that's up to you. What is for certain is the sandal brand founded by Grand Canyon rafting guides in 1984 has come a long way.