3 Adventure-Ready Sunglasses

Well designed, sport specific shades specifically engineered to stay on your face

3 Adventure-Ready Sunglasses


Field Mag Editors


At long last the sun is shining, snow melting, and adventure planning is underway. If you’re like us you’ve spent more time inside over the past few months than you’d like to admit, and now that the weather is warming you’re itching to get outside and make the most of it.

Cycling, running, hiking, climbing—whatever your passion is, now’s the perfect time to upgrade your eye protection to ensure your focus stays on the task at hand, and not trying to keep your shades on your face.

To help, we pulled together three sport friendly pairs of sunglasses, designed specifically for athletic activities. And best of all, these won’t make you look like the Terminator, or some not-so-chill bro who just chugged a Monster energy drink.


Electric Swingarm

The Swingarm is a classic. It’s lightweight and heavy duty, designed for really anything you throw at it—quite literally, the double action hinge system helps prevent breakage while keeping the fit tight over time. OHM Melanin infused lenses block UV and HEV blue light too. And amazingly, the Swingarm is available in 25 colorways, with multiple lens options per frame color.

$100 from Electric


ROKA Phantom C3

As far as we can tell, ROKA is leading the industry in performance eyewear design. The iconic Phantom aviator, already boasting an impossibly lightweight titanium frame and grippy pads at nose bridge and ear arm to keep them from slipping even when you’re drenched in sweat, is now available with Barberini C3 glass lenses.

The lens update further cuts weight while improving scratch resistance and durability, and delivering unmatched clarity with the thinnest polarized construction available. Price aside, the Phantom C3 is hard to beat.

$275 from ROKA


Zeal Capitol

Inspired by Colorado’s Capital Peak monument, the Capitol frame from Zeal is both unassuming and environmentally friendly. Instead of using crude oil-based acetate, these frames are made of castor bean, an effecient, fast-growing perennial that’s easy to grow in otherwise inhospitable lands. The Z-Resin composite also reduces the amount of CO2 released during manufacturing. Performance wise bio-plastic lenses furthers the green angle, and rubber pads to prevent slipping.

$149 from Zeal

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