Architectural Inspo: Rock Reach House, Joshua Tree

A prefab steel homage to the area's mining and modernist heritage

At times Palm Springs can feel like a place forgotten in time, with Mid-Centry modern masterpieces and so much sunshine—and so little vegetation—there’s rarely any telling what season is in. For many though, the desert oasis feels a bit too manufactured, whereas the neighboring community of Joshua Tree feels anything but. It’s more raw, and natural. Here, nestled up against the Joshua Tree National Park, exists a pre-fab homage to the surrounding desert’s famous architecture and mining heritage.

Built as the first prototype of Blue Sky Building Systems using an innovative proprietary light-gauge steel frame system, the Rock Reach House is really quite special. The modern steel house is clad in rust covered corrugated steel and suspended above the ground by steel pillars to meet earthquake requirements, and as to not disturb the local landscape (a season stream runs beneath). The region’s legendary stacked rocks, juniper, pinón, and cacti are strewn about throughout the 2.5 acre property, making for a dramatic view in all directions.

And for good measure, there’s a hot tub out back too. And believe it or not, owner and Blue Sky founder Dave McAdam offers this beauty up for short term rentals. So, start saving up those dollars and vacation days.

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