How Michiganders Can Stop America's Worst Oil Spill Before It Happens

A Canadian pipeline that runs under the Great Lakes is now 15 years past life expectancy. This new mini-doc brings the danger to light, and offers a way to stop the threat

Some good friends of Field Mag (shout out Sarah Lewis, Andy Cochrane and Adam Wells) made a short documentary on the looming threat of an aging oil pipeline that runs across the Straits of Mackinac in northern Michigan. It could create a spill at any moment. That's the bad news.

The good news is it's one of the many serious threats to our environment that actually seems to have clear and actionable path to being eradicated.

Please watch the video above. TL;DR facts below.

  • A Canadian pipeline runs through the Great Lakes, moving oil through the U.S. without economic benefit to Michigan or the U.S. in general.

  • When the line was built in 1953, its life expectancy was 50 years, putting the expiration date at 2003.

  • It’s now 2018, 15 years past life expectancy.

  • 23 million gallons of oil are still pumped through the line, every day.

  • Line 5 is in a state of disrepair and could leak at any moment, causing complete devastation to the US’ largest body of fresh water.

  • Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is in the Canadian oil company's pocket, and has set into motion a new tunnel to house line 5, which could take at least seven years to complete at an estimated cost of $500M.

learn more at Before The Spill

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