Inside Snowboarder Austin Smith's Firetruck Dojo

How this pro snowboarder forced himself to snowboard every day by building a micro home on wheels

The typical winter for a professional snowboarder generally looks like nonstop travel. And it is. Chase this storm to Alaska, that one to Japan, then another to interior British Columbia, etc. Sure, riding powder all around the world sounds like a dream, but not sleeping in your own bed for six months or more can wear on you. To do something different this winter, pro snowboarder, Drink Water founder, and Oregonian Austin Smith decided to moved his decades-old converted firetruck mobile home to the parking lot of Mount Bachelor and set up shop for a couple months.

The idea was to ride his home mountain every single day, no matter what, for a month or two, and to reignite a passion for boarding in the process. And you know what, he did it. And he couldn’t be more hyped about it. The PNW has had an all-time winter this year, and from New Year’s Eve through January and a bit beyond Austin was there from first to last chair.

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