Pilgrim Surf + Supply Reversible Down Jacket

A short sleeve down jacket from the Brooklyn surf shop's debut apparel collection

At first the idea of a short sleeve down jacket seems really silly, but the more you think about it the more it makes sense. When layering it's the cuff area that always bunches up, and the same part of the jacket that's most likely to get torn, burned, or just in the way when really doing any activity outdoors. The fine folks at Brooklyn's Pilgrim Surf + Supply seem to agree. As part of their debut apparel collection released just last month, the Reverse Pennatn Down S/S Jacket is just the ticket for warming up post surf.

The reversable nylon jacket packs into a pouch for easy stowage and features a quilted, weather resistant side insulated with poly fibers, and a more traditional, warmer side with horizontal stitching and down fill. Adjust how you wear it according to the weather.

Avaialble in black and navy for $285 from Pilgrim Surf + Supply.

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