River Surfing in Montana

Catching ever-breaking waves on an icy river outside Missoula

River surfing is exactly what it sounds like. And it’s exactly as crazy as it sounds. For years we’ve seen clips of guys ripping on Munich’s Eisbach River—the most publicly known surfable river—but figured the phenomenon was specific to that spot. Now we’ve been introduced to a modest scene of river surfers based in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. No kooky SUPs here, just badass dudes paddling out into roaring rivers to surf an ever-curling wave. Pretty wild stuff, if you ask us.

At the center of the scene is Missoula, Montana-based Strongwater Mtn Surf Company, a full-service surf shop promoting a comprehensive approach to the usually ocean-bound activity. Surf the Earth, as they say. And that means, rivers, lakes, oceans, snow, etc. Watch the above video from Max Lowe Media and see for yourself.

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