Photographer:Graham Hiemstra
Camera:Contax T2
Film:Kodak Portra 400, Ektar 100d

Desert and Indigo in Joshua Tree

The result of a single roll of film shot over 3 days at Juniper Ridge's anti-tradeshow Desert & Denim

In early February I found myself in Oregon with no plans. I’d made the cross country flight as planned to spend a week visiting some of the PNW’s lesser known ski resorts, ride powder, and generally enjoy a break from making internet. Unfortunately what they call a Pineapple Express had other plans, delivering degrees in the mid 50s and ample amounts of rain in the mountains. So, I did the opposite, and with a day to spare bought a flight down to Joshua Tree for Desert & Denim.

Founded by the folks at Juniper Ridge, Desert & Denim is, by definition, an American men’s fashion trade show. It’s also a renegade trade show, and even an anti-trade show. But really, it’s simply an excuse for a few dozen likeminded creative types known for hand making high quality leather, denim and cotton wares to come together in the California desert for a few days of communal fun. So yeah, I went. And tbh this photo essay would be a lot more interesting if I didn’t miss the bus to the campsite on night one (I pitched a tent in a random backyard in town anyways) and if I had planned a lot of things better. But hey, you get what you get when you’re in the desert and people are consuming lots of this and that and campfires are blazing and everyone is having a good time.

Nevertheless, everyone involved had a blast. We indigo dyed some Jungmaven stuffs with Apprvl, ate some tasty tacos, spit some dirt, and in the end I even hitch hiked back to Palm Springs to catch my flight home the final day—despite being repeatedly warned that Californians were notoriously weary of hitch hikers. So there you have it. Get out there and stick your thumb out, you guys.

Special thanks to the Tanner Goods guys for letting me use their shower. To see more of what actually went down at D+D, check Juniper Ridge's beautiful recap film

Brooklyn-based writer, photographer and founder of The Field. Graham apologizes in advance for his many mispellings.
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